Martin Ling interview: 'A pal stopped me leaping on the rail track as another stopped me jumping in the road...'

Martin Ling knew over lunch. He knew, as he glared at a plate of untouched food, that it was coming back and that's when the fear started.
'What if it's like last time?' he thought. 'Oh s***, why now? Oh f***, what if it's like last time?'
He was sitting with the coach he had brought to Swindon Town, Ross Embleton, and the club's director of football, Seamus Brady. It was November 24, 2015, and the three of them had decided to get something to eat before the League One match against Walsall that night.
But Ling, suddenly, had no appetite. And after what he had been through, he knew this was... read more

11 October 2016 in Sport, Views: 34
Source: Daily Mail

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