Make broccoli taste like CHOCOLATE: Incredible device tricks taste buds into thinking bland food is delicious

When trying to stick to a diet, the temptation of delicious sugary snacks can be too much to resist. 
But there is good news for dieters trying to avoid these unhealthy foods. 
A device called Taste Buddy has been designed, that tricks the tongue into tasting unappetising 'healthy' food as delicious treats.
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WHAT IS THE TASTE BUDDY?  In its current early form the Taste Buddy consists of a 2 centimetre (0.8 inch) wide tab that sits on the tongue and is wired to a bulky processor.
Placed in the mouth, the Taste Buddy emits thermal and electric signals that stimulate the... read more

13 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 33
Source: Daily Mail

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