Little girl discovers her twin and it’s a mannequin

Little girl discovers her twin and it’s a mannequin

If you walked into a shop and came face-to-face with a mannequin that looked and dressed just like you, chances are you’d be pretty freaked out.
But that isn’t the case for this cute three-year-old girl – who was delighted to stumble upon a lifesize doll of herself.
Teen describes terrifying moment creepy clown chased her down Newcastle street Ava Kinsler was shopping with her mum in Marks and Spencer’s in Southend, Essex when they discovered her long lost twin.
Not only was the mannequin the same height as the little girl, but it shared her hairstyle and it was even wearing a remarkably... read more

6 October 2016 in Hot News, Views: 41
Source: Metro

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