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This interactive show for adults wants to lend a belated hand with sex ed

In a cheeky attempt to redress the usually terrible sex ed we all received in school, an immersive cabaret performance is on its way. For all those who’ve been waiting for the chance to clamber through a giant anal canal or experience a meditation on dou

Metro, today, 16:55

Mum shares hilarious story of the moment her toddler walked in on her having sex

When you become a parent, sex feels like a high-security secret agent mission. It has to be timed perfectly, just when the kids are asleep and there’s no chance they’ll wake up, but you’re also awake enough to actually be up for it. You can’t be too loud

Metro, today, 16:37

What your go-to Greggs lunch order says about you

Forget star signs, personality quizzes, and close psychological analysis. If you really want to know who a person truly is, to the depths of their soul, just look at what’s in their bellies. Or, more specifically, what classic Greggs item they choose to

Metro, today, 15:53
Boots is selling all these other things that could be used ‘inappropriately’

Boots is selling all these other things that could be used ‘inappropriately’

We dug out a whole host of things Boots is selling cheaper than the morning-after pill that could well promote irresponsible use. Don’t mention it. Boots attempted to defend keeping its unnecessarily high price for emergency contraception this week, by s

Metro, today, 15:41

People are confused by these sweatshirts with random words on them

There are many things in this world which we do not understand. Why people choose to store their butter on the counter instead of in the fridge, for example. Why you never see baby pigeons. But this week’s greatest mystery? Why people are buying sweatshi

Metro, today, 13:55
Edinburgh Fringe hacks: How to see the world’s largest arts festival on a budget

Edinburgh Fringe hacks: How to see the world’s largest arts festival on a budget

At first glance, heading to the Edinburgh Fringe (August 4 to 28) can seem prohibitively expensive. You have to think about travel and accommodation, and then there is the issue of the tickets to see the shows. Not very budget friendly when you consider

Metro, today, 13:01
Lush launches seaweed gunk that turns your bath into jelly

Lush launches seaweed gunk that turns your bath into jelly

Lush, a beauty brand perhaps known best for its bathtime prowess, has just taken things up a gear. The company has long been a bastion of the bath bomb, and is a go-to destination for inventive, headily scented creations that transform bathing sessions i

Metro, today, 12:15

Getting married won’t save you from the clutches of illness and death, says new study

Sorry, married couples. Looks like you’re no better off than us sad singles. Apart from, you know, tax and insurance benefits, security, and having found eternal love. When it comes to health, a new study suggests that marriage no longer gives you much o

Metro, today, 12:05
Cruising Arran and Argyll

Cruising Arran and Argyll

They say life begins at 40 and that’s certainly when my holiday life at sea began. As a celebration of my 40th birthday, I embarked with my husband Simon on a Hebridean Princess cruise of the Hebrides. After all, if you’re going to dip your toe in water

The Courier, today, 11:45

The Harry Potter world is coming to Christmas shopping

As if the festive period needed any more magic, this year will see a healthy dose of Harry Potter sparkle added to the experience. With Weasley Christmas jumpers, crackling common room fires and Hogwarts dunked in snow just some staple winter scenes, the

Metro, today, 11:30

Cat too big for a kennel finds a temporary room of his own in the bottom shelf of a cabinet

When a stray cat arrived at Chatham County Animal Shelter, the staff noticed a problem: he was much too large for the standard kennel reserved for cats. Weighing in at 31lbs (that’s 14kg), the cat was absolutely massive for a stray. Staff aren’t sure how

Metro, today, 11:05
I hate Zoella but I love her products and can’t seem to stop buying them

I hate Zoella but I love her products and can’t seem to stop buying them

‘But…but you hate Zoella,’ my friend said, looking at my makeup bag and laughing. My excuse was that it was the only decent one in the shop at the time. But in reality, I’d bought it because I liked it. To those who know me, owning such a product goes ag

Metro, today, 10:27

Move aside unicorns, it’s time for the ‘goatsucker’ frappucino

Sickly sweet in both appearance and flavour, unicorn frappucinos caused a glitter cloud of a storm when they hit coffee chains earlier this year. It looks like we might have seen the last of the twee drinks trend, however, with a new, edgier beverage now

Metro, today, 10:27
Trees with tales to tell

Trees with tales to tell

A relic of the great Caledonian Forest that once covered much of Scotland, the Black Wood of Rannoch is home to some of the country’s longest established pines, trees that are thought to be hundreds of years old. Exploited as a source of timber for over

The Courier, today, 10:25

Trooper’s ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ makes him fall down over thirty times a day

Trooper really lives up to his name. When he falls down, he gets back up again. Which is a bigger deal that it sounds, because Trooper falls down over thirty times a day. Trooper has a rare neurological condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia – als

Metro, today, 09:59

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