Liam Gallagher compares "sadistic" brother Noel to Adolf Hitler and Oasis to Jesus

Liam Gallagher compares sadistic brother Noel to Adolf Hitler and Oasis to Jesus

IN THE latest of his vicious verbal attacks on his brother, Liam Gallagher has compared Noel to Adolf Hitler and likened an Oasis reunion to Jesus Christ not being crucified.
The controversial rocker has never been one for holding back on saying how he really feels, especially when it comes to older brother Noel and their infamous sibling rivalry. In fact, neither brother minces their words when it comes to the other.
But it seems the Britpop legend has taken things to a whole new level after referring to Noel's behaviour in new documentary film Supersonic as "sadistic".
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18 October 2016 in Showbiz, Views: 33
Source: Daily Record

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