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Leader comment: No talking in class – it’s time to listen to teachers

More than six years on from its introduction, Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) has unequivocally failed to rejuvenate the Scottish education system. Despite cross-party support for the initiative and an SNP government which has made the nation’s schools i

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:53

Scotland warned to embrace Fintech or risk consequences

New university course set to bring Scotland up to speed with very latest in innovative financial technology Financial technology (Fintech) is developing rapidly, utilising software and programming code in innovative ways. It is driving efficiency up and

Scotsman, Monday, 15:26

Council chief execs question need for “disruptive” school reforms

Scotland’s top council officials have told the government that planned reforms to school governance will add bureaucracy and cause disruption with little evidence that it will improve pupils’ education. The Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SO

Scotsman, Sunday, 17:47

Scottish think tank slam free nursery system as ‘unfair’

A think-tank has renewed calls for an end to “birthday discrimination” in entitlement to free nursery education. Reform Scotland said the current system for government-funded pre-school provision was “unacceptable and unfair” as some children are entitle

Scotsman, 10 January 2017

Evelyn Walker: Tech full of opportunities for Scots women

Digital jobs beckon if we can bridge the gender divide in our classroom, writes Evelyn Walker future-scotland

Scotsman, 9 January 2017

Brian Monteith: SNP must take tough decisions to save Scots education

If there was one thing and one thing only that was firmly established in Scottish politics during 2016 it was that the words of the First Minister are worthless. If Nicola Sturgeon’s political statements were a currency they would be equal in rank only t

Scotsman, 9 January 2017

University of Dundee sacks scientist over false research

One of Scotland’s most acclaimed young scientists has resigned his post and been stripped of a prestigious fellowship after being found guilty of serious research misconduct. Dr Robert Ryan, widely recognised for his pioneering work in the field of molec

Scotsman, 8 January 2017

Leader: put faith in sex education to stop bullying

Sex education is a vital part of children’s learning yet for far too long it was neglected. These days, even if the subject remains a source of embarrassment and awkwardness at home – we can expect schools to provide sensitively drawn lessons on the comp

Scotsman, 7 January 2017

Girls school tales of cruel mistresses and midnight feasts

The jolly hockey sticks and japes of Scotland’s true-life versions of Malory Towers have been recalled in a new book about the eccentric nature of all-girls boarding schools. A compendium of old girls’ recollections of dormitories, cruel school mistresse

Scotsman, 7 January 2017

Jane Bradley: Handwriting has all but disappeared

In just a few generations handwriting has all but disappeared, says Jane Bradley On this day 141 years ago, an article published in the Portobello Advertiser revealed the writer’s consternation at a new-fangled invention which had recently made its way i

Scotsman, 7 January 2017

Churches must tackle ‘bigots’ over LGBT teaching in schools

A Church of Scotland minister has called for the mainstream faith agenda to be “seized back from the bigots” in support of a campaign calling for LGBT issues to be taught in schools. The Rev. John Nugent, of Saint Fergus Church in Wick, claimed a lack of

Scotsman, 6 January 2017

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