Kim Kardashian's travel pillow, Gwyneth Paltrow's 'silver' spray and Miranda Kerr's face oil: The in-flight essentials stars swear by revealed 

It can be annoying when celebrities dole out irrelevant life advice, but if there's one thing they are all experts in, it's travel.
So it might be worth knowing, for example, that countless stars - men included - have raved about the benefits of rose oil when it comes to quenching the skin on long-haul flights.
Or that both Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian bang on about the importance of silk when it comes to eye masks and pillow cases. 
As for the wackier travel essentials, you can always count on Gwyneth Paltrow to deliver, as she does with the 'colloidal silver' she sprays all over her... read more

11 October 2016 in Travel, Views: 43
Source: Daily Mail

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