Jumping spiders have real spidey sense! Arachnids can ‘hear’ you moving from across a room

With their fearsome fangs and rippling legs, spiders strike fear into the hearts of many.
Now there’s a new reason for arachnophobes to worry – jumping spiders can hear sounds over much greater distances than previously thought.
Researchers say the finding offers a new perspective on the auditory world of spiders and that they have a ‘spidey sense’ like comic book hero, Spiderman.
A REAL LIFE SPIDEY SENSE  Dr Shamble and Gil Menda of Cornell said that the new findings change scientists' view on the world that spiders live in.
Dr Menda said: ‘In the movies, Spider-Man has this strange,... read more

13 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 36
Source: Daily Mail

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