‘It’s me or the wardrobe!’ Frankie Gaff gives Jamie Laing an ultimatum. He found living with her and her ‘floordrobe’ too much to bear on Made In Chelsea, by Jim Shelley 

It’s a sign of how far Made In Chelsea has fallen that the latest tempestuous breakup was not over a dramatic act of infidelity but a wardrobe. Not even that in fact, but the lack of a wardrobe.
Mind you this was better than the week’s other storylines that concerned less-than-riveting rifts between couples who were either not together (Francis and Olivia), who were only mates (Francis and Fredrik), or even just brother and sister (Louise and Sam). Yes the Thompson children had a row and then made up. Hold me back…
Compared to this, the romantic travails of Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff were... read more

15 November 2016 in Showbiz, Views: 76
Source: Daily Mail

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