Is this the most heart-in mouth TV moment this year? Planet Earth II viewers' take to Twitter to reveal their 'emotional rollercoaster' after watching hounded baby Ibex jump off a 30ft cliff... and SURVIVE 

The nation held its breath when baby iguanas ran for their lives from dozens of ravenous snakes and penguins risked their lives to feed their young.
And tonight's episode of Planet Earth II once again had millions gripped with more dramatic tales, this time from the vertiginous tips of the world's highest mountains, where only the toughest animals survive.
From a bear dancing around a tree to the perilous journey faced by baby ibex, face-planting bobcats and the bond between a mother snow leopard and her daughter, David Attenborough and the team behind Planet Earth gave viewers more... read more

14 November 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 47
Source: Daily Mail

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