Is this the most attractive hotel in Manhattan? With its landmark clocktower, 25k gold bar and the best looking bellboys in town the New York Edition knows how to leave an impression

As we pulled up outside The New York Edition, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly handsome the doorman unloading our bags out of the cab was.
In fact, all the doormen at this hotel seemed to be incredibly attractive. Helpful, too.
As they opened the doors to let us inside the oh-so welcome air-conditioned interior of the lobby - and out of the smelly, humid city street, I also noticed that along with a blast of cool air, I was hit by the most inviting, fresh scent.
Almost indescribably lovely, it was the same scent that we later figured out was what the hotel’s amenities were... read more

19 October 2016 in Travel, Views: 48
Source: Daily Mail

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