Is it safe to let your children run loose in the playground? After the viral John Lewis ad triggered a boom in sales, a bone surgeon reveals why he won't let his kids NEAR a trampoline

As my son came running towards me across the school playground I could immediately see that something was wrong.
His left elbow was at a very strange angle and I knew it was broken.
Alex, then six, had been swinging from monkey bars at the end of the school day, and had fallen 6 ft straight onto his elbow.
I bundled him into the car and off to hospital, where an X-ray revealed he had a fracture of one of the three bones in the elbow.
Doctors said it could lead to complications as it could tear or trap the brachial artery — a major blood vessel in the upper arm — or cause nerve damage which... read more

15 November 2016 in Health, Views: 49
Source: Daily Mail

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