Is former Stockton barmaid's story irrefutable evidence of town's secret historic tunnel network?

The video will start in 8s Cancel Click to play Tap to play The Live Event you are trying to watch is either unavailable or has not started Please refresh this page in your browser to reload this live event video On Valentine’s Day, 1968, Stockton barmaid Maureen Rigg was shown an astonishing piece of Stockton’s secret history.
Maureen, who worked behind the bar at the North Eastern pub, on Maxwell’s Corner, was told by landlord Arthur Horner to bring her wellies to work.
The curious 20-year-old did as instructed and was led down into the dark cellar where, behind a ragged old curtain, the... read more

29 September 2016 in Regional North East, Views: 37
Source: Gazette Live

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