'I started my night in Essex and woke up in Barcelona!' Drinkers reveal the time they woke up in a FOREIGN COUNTRY

Have you ever got so drunk that you've woken up and had to take a moment to work out where you are?
Well, since The Hangover hit the silver screen in 2009 dozens of others have come forward with tales of inebriation to reveal how they've not only woken up in an unfamiliar place, but an unfamiliar country.
Indeed, last year Jordan Adams, 33, from Ealing, west London, was left stranded in Zurich with no money, phone or passport after having one too many and drunkenly secreting himself in the luggage hold of a coach.
The company director, who was in Munich for his brother-in-law's stag, had... read more

27 September 2016 in Travel, Views: 48
Source: Daily Mail

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