HSBC whistleblower who revealed a massive tax avoidance is arrested on way to whistleblowing conference in Spain

A whistleblower who revealed a massive tax avoidance scandal at HSBC has been arrested in Spain.
Herve Falciani was this week detained by police in Madrid while on his way to a whistleblowing conference and is facing extradition to Switzerland to serve a prison sentence.
A judge has ordered him to hand over his passport and stay in Spain until a decision has been made, but rejected a Swiss request to keep him in custody. 
Falciani is French and lives in France, which rarely extradites its own citizens. 
The 46-year-old was an IT worker at HSBC’s Swiss bank who fled to France in 2009 with... read more

5 April 2018 in Business, Views: 72
Source: Daily Mail

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