How we've been walking the dog for 7,500 years: Discovery of tooth near Stonehenge shows animals accompanied humans as they travelled around the country  

Taking the dog for a walk seems like a tradition as old as time itself.
But now we are one step closer to finding out exactly when the special connection between a man and his dog began.
Archaeologists have found evidence of the oldest known ‘walkies’. And not only was it roughly 7,500 years ago, but it was also an epic 250 miles.
A tooth belonging to a domesticated dog thought to resemble an Alsatian has been found in the grounds of a nursing home a mile from Stonehenge.
Analysis reveals that the dog was originally from the Vale of York. For the tooth to be found at Blick Mead, Wiltshire,... read more

7 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 47
Source: Daily Mail

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