Holidaymaker banned from a luxury hotel for attracting hordes of seagulls with his suitcase full of sausage is finally welcomed back 17 years on

A holidaymaker has been allowed to return to a luxury hotel he was banned from 17 years ago after a case full of sausages he left in his room attracted a flock of feisty seagulls. 
Nick Burchill, who lives in Nova Scotia, had checked into the four-star Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia, with a suitcase stuffed with pepperoni which he'd picked up for his friends. 
In a bid to keep the meat produce cool, he left it next to an open window but when he returned from a walk he found seagull 'c**p' and 'drool' all over his room with around 40 birds running wild.
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4 April 2018 in Travel, Views: 46
Source: Daily Mail

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