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Hay fever cure? Taking prescription drugs while driving could be illegal

Hay fever cure? Taking prescription drugs while driving could be illegal

According to a new study, more than a third of Britons live with hay fever, and they are set to suffer even more this weekend as temperatures and pollen levels soar. Many will fight running noses or itchy eyes with hay fever medication. While the treatme

Daily Express, today, 09:38

The tell-tale signs of a stroke: How a crease in your EAR LOBES could show whether you are more at risk of...

Having diagonal creases across your ear lobes may mean you are at increased risk of suffering a stroke, according to new research. Scientists who examined 241 people who had experienced a stroke found more than three-quarters of them had the mark, known

Daily Mail, today, 03:53
Best way to lose weight? Add this spicy food to your diet

Best way to lose weight? Add this spicy food to your diet

A new study says eating spicy red chilli peppers could help tackle obesity. The research, published in the American Society for Microbiology, discovered it contains a key compound, capsaicin. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are thought to provi

Daily Express, today, 00:54

Student invents rocking chair that soothes autistic children

The bond between human and horse dates back thousands of years. Now, thanks to a groundbreaking design, equine therapy could be made available to help autistic children in the comfort of their homes. Callum Hunter, a student at Edinburgh Napier Universit

Scotsman, today, 00:11

Wackiest ways to summer fitness: SARA MALM digs out the most bizarre exercise tools including a...

Never get lost underwater  Swimming in open water can be tricky as you try to navigate some very murky waters. The Marlin headset, which attaches to a swimmer’s goggles, provides real-time audio GPS navigation, as well as feedback of pace and performance

Daily Mail, yesterday, 23:35

Now it's the veggie bikers: Britain's bestselling cookery duo reveal why they have ditched the steaks and...

It’s safe to say that Si King and Dave Myers, the TV duo better known as The Hairy Bikers, are dedicated meat lovers. In their 2016 recipe book Meat Feasts, they wrote: ‘There’s something about the smell of meat cooking that signals a feast – a steak on

Daily Mail, yesterday, 23:17

Let them run wild! New research reveals getting children outdoors and away from their tablets is the best...

Whether it’s a camping holiday in the countryside or a weekend bike ride, the experts are in agreement: the healthiest thing you can do as a family this summer is to simply step outdoors – and get moving. To maintain a basic level of health, children age

Daily Mail, yesterday, 23:02

Children are being led to believe they are mentally ill by mollycoddling schemes in school, experts say

Children are being led to believe they have mental health problems by mollycoddling schemes in school, it has been claimed. Rising numbers of experts are questioning whether lessons in wellbeing – intended to tackle anxiety – are actually making pupils m

Daily Mail, yesterday, 09:36

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why I'd ban ALL children from using Instagram

People often ask me if mental health problems are really on the rise among youngsters, as we hear so much more about it compared to years ago. I do think this is largely due to improved understanding of the conditions, meaning that children who would hav

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:55
Skin cancer symptoms: Do you know the signs of these two common types on the rise?

Skin cancer symptoms: Do you know the signs of these two common types on the rise?

According to new research, rates of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are rising fast. A report by the Mayo Clinic found that between 2000 and 2010, there were 260 per cent more people diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, and 145 per ce

Daily Express, yesterday, 07:45
Old pals mark Dementia Awareness week with touching tales of lifelong links

Old pals mark Dementia Awareness week with touching tales of lifelong links

Scottish dementia sufferers often feel abandoned after being diagnosed with the disease, according to a new survey. As Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week begins on Monday, a survey from Alzheimer Scotland revealed that people felt lonely and isolated aft

Daily Record, yesterday, 06:58

Stephen Jardine: Meat-free diet is not ‘mung beans & misery’

As his month-long experiment comes to an end, Stephen Jardine finds that a vegetarian diet has much more to offer than he ever realised - and he will be changing his eating habits And now, the end is near and so I face the final curly kale. With a Frank

Scotsman, yesterday, 06:18

Top scientist says all you've been told about salt is WRONG: It won't give you a heart attack - while...

For more than 40 years, we’ve been told eating too much salt is killing us. Doctors say it’s as bad for our health as smoking or not exercising, and government guidelines limit us to just under a teaspoon a day. We’re told not to cook with it and not to

Daily Mail, yesterday, 02:08

Former Catholic priest, 78, takes his own life with assisted suicide after being diagnosed with incurable...

John Shields, 78, decided to die by the controversial method of assisted suicide - and allowed the New York Times to film his dying moments.  The former Catholic priest didn't let the Church's stance against the practice dictate how he chose to die and s

Daily Mail, Friday, 23:40

Mind-control device lets 10 stroke patients regain control of their paralyzed hands - meaning some can even...

A new device has helped a group of stroke sufferers to regain the use of their paralyzed hands. The machine, developed by the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, targets a small part of the brain that is needed to send the first 'moveme

Daily Mail, Friday, 23:34

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