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Sharp rise in 'trolley waits' for hospital beds in England

Sharp rise in 'trolley waits' for hospital beds in England

There has been a sharp rise in “trolley waits” – the length of time people wait for a hospital bed in England after being admitted in an emergency, figures show. Data analysed by the BBC shows 473,453 patients waited more than four hours between October

Guardian, 2 min. ago
The government is breaking promises on child mental health

The government is breaking promises on child mental health

If mental health is the Cinderella service of the NHS, then child and adolescent mental health services (Camhs) is the Cinderella service of the Cinderella service. It’s a cliche that bears repeating, because the reality of children’s mental health servi

Guardian, today, 07:31
Hospital 'trolley waits' show sharp rise

Hospital 'trolley waits' show sharp rise

More than one in 10 patients in England faces long delays for a bed when they are rushed to hospital in an emergency, after a sharp rise in "trolley waits". BBC analysis of NHS figures showed nearly 475,000 patients waited for more than four...

BBC, today, 02:09
Pregnant women in UK told to watch for heart disease symptoms

Pregnant women in UK told to watch for heart disease symptoms

Pregnant women are being told to look out for the symptoms of heart disease, which is now the leading cause of death in the months before and weeks after childbirth. Two in every 100,000 women who gave birth between 2009 and 2014 died as a result of hear

Guardian, today, 00:03

Conjoined twins begin one of the most difficult separation surgeries ever: Girls joined from the sternum...

A set of conjoined twins are undergoing one of the riskiest separations surgeries ever performed.  Two-year-olds Eva and Erika Sandoval share a digestive system, a uterus, a liver, a bladder, and a third leg with a seven-toed foot. On Tuesday at 7am, the

Daily Mail, yesterday, 23:19

'My 5-year-old daughter died from the flu': Mother shares her agonizing grief to urge other families to get...

When five-year-old Scarlett Anne Taylor was sent home from school with the flu in December 2014, her mother Rebecca thought it was to be expected.  All children get sick, not least in a classroom during winter when bugs are rife. But this case was differ

Daily Mail, yesterday, 21:59

Life-saving facts all women should know about estrogens (but probably don't)

One of every eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer over her lifetime.  Eighty percent of those cancers are fueled in part by estrogens. One treatment for women whose breast cancer is fueled by estrogen – or what is often ca

Daily Mail, yesterday, 21:59

Paramedic makes plea for others to give blood and save lives

A paramedic whose life has been saved by at least 70 people after developing leukaemia has urged others to give blood and save more lives. Derek Louititt received 40 blood and 30 platelet donations, and wants others to come forward to donate and become l

Scotsman, yesterday, 21:55
Funding obstacles to seamless social care

Funding obstacles to seamless social care

The pressures affecting social care described by John Harris (If austerity is over, why can’t we afford proper social care? 2 December) and manifested in the lack of operational complementarity between the NHS and local authority social care are caused n

Guardian, yesterday, 18:06

Mumps outbreaks hit 10-year high, CDC data show - with more than triple the cases recorded in 2015 

Mumps outbreaks have hit a 10-year high in the United States, data show.  This year has seen significant outbreaks of the salivary gland infection - many in school campuses; one across multiple towns in Arkansas this summer.  New CDC data, crunched by th

Daily Mail, yesterday, 17:22

Women should be encouraged to lose weight before they get pregnant, expert says

Doctors should stop shying away from telling women to lose weight before they have a baby, a leading expert has said. Professor Lesley Regan, the new president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said young women often think a layer

Daily Mail, yesterday, 17:22

Don't smoke while you're pregnant - it makes your child more likely to use cannabis as a teenager

It's widely known that smoking during pregnancy can have detrimental effects on the health of an unborn child. While one cigarette a day may not seem like much, it can cause birth defects, premature delivery and increase the chances of miscarriage.  But

Daily Mail, yesterday, 16:20

Hidden calories on the KIDS menu: Study warns child-friendly restaurant options are packed full of...

The majority of kids' menus have far more calories than they should, a new study warns.  A child-friendly burger should never exceed 300 calories, while fries should be under 100 calories, and sides or salads under 150 calories.  The whole meal should be

Daily Mail, yesterday, 16:20
Bird flu hits French foie gras industry at busiest time of year

Bird flu hits French foie gras industry at busiest time of year

French foie gras producers have been forced to slaughter thousands of birds being prepared for the lucrative Christmas market after the spread of a virulent strain of bird flu. The agriculture ministry raised the risk level of the virus spreading from mo

Guardian, yesterday, 16:20

Twins who contracted viral meningitis while in the womb make a full recovery after fighting for their lives

These heartbreaking pictures show two twins battling for life after they contracted meningitis while in the womb. Nancy and Rita Holgate, now three months, were rushed back to hospital just four days after they were born. Doctors discovered their mother,

Daily Mail, yesterday, 15:38

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