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Why being a 'silver splitter' is a health risk: Those who divorce in their latter years are less likely to...

It may feel like a new lease of life, but those who divorce in their latter years and move into another relationship are seriously risking their health. Research shows so-called 'silver splitters' are less likely to survive a heart attack than those who

Daily Mail, today, 18:51

Number of twins being born in Britain reaches a five-year high - thanks to overweight mothers in their 20s 

Obesity could be causing an increase in the rate of multiple births in mothers in their mid-twenties.   Women aged 25 to 29 are now the ones helping to nudge up the rate of multiple births , figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest.  In the

Daily Mail, today, 13:24
Regular exercise 'could benefit people with early dementia'

Regular exercise 'could benefit people with early dementia'

A clinical trial on two groups of elderly people found those who followed an exercise programme saw a small improvement in overall thinking skills compared to those who did not exercise.  But the results suggested that the benefit may only last as long a

Daily Express, today, 12:08

Scots cancer patients could get fertility help on NHS

High-level talks are due to begin over giving cancer patients the chance to freeze their eggs and sperm on the NHS, in case their fertility is damaged by treatment, The Scotsman has learned. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause irreparable damage to f

Scotsman, today, 10:28

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Phil Collins and why retiring turns so many to drink

The man sitting opposite my surgery desk is a pillar of the community. He has had a very successful career working in the City. He has a loving wife and three well-adjusted children. He can afford nice holidays and fine food. Having worked so hard all hi

Daily Mail, today, 08:21
Clive James: ‘I am continually reminded of what a misery guts I have been’

Clive James: ‘I am continually reminded of what a misery guts I have been’

Nothing makes me feel decrepit and obsolete quite as much as when friends of my children make television programmes. That used to be my business, but now it’s theirs. Simon Finch, a friend of our family since for ever, has just done a documentary called

Guardian, today, 08:18

Do YOU know where you stand in your friendship group? If the answer is no, it could be bad for your health... 

Knowing where you stand in your friendship group is vital for your health, scientists claim. And it is particularly crucial if you are the top of the social hierarchy. Monkeys observed by a team at UC Davis had higher levels of inflammation if they felt

Daily Mail, yesterday, 23:37

If the booze doesn’t get you, the crisps will

As a retired brewer I can confirm that all alcoholic beverages are to a degree fattening (Letters, 18 and 19 October). Alcohol is produced during fermentation by yeast breaking down short chain carbohydrates (primarily glucose) to produce ethyl alcohol a

Guardian, yesterday, 22:42

Want to lose weight? Enjoy your food! Study shows people who focus on pleasure of flavors are willing to...

As the holiday season approaches, we all have our eyes on our soon-to-expand waistlines.  Gyms will tell you to keep up your membership to stay in shape. Dieters may suggest skipping the best (most fattening) bits of your Thanksgiving meal.  But accordin

Daily Mail, yesterday, 22:24
Woman granted UK visa to donate bone marrow to sister in U-turn by Home Office

Woman granted UK visa to donate bone marrow to sister in U-turn by Home Office

The government has backtracked on its decision to prevent a Nigerian woman from entering the UK so that she can donate bone marrow to help save the life of her seriously ill sister. The decision came amid public pressure after a petition calling for May

Guardian, yesterday, 21:20

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Kieran, the miracle baby girl born with her heart OUTSIDE her chest 

Meet Kieran Veitz, a one-year-old girl born with her heart, liver and intestines outside her chest. Doctors spotted the incredibly rare condition when her parents Caitlin and Brian went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound for their first ever pregnancy.

Daily Mail, yesterday, 19:45

Calorie labels do NOT stop people eating fast food, study shows - six months before the policy is enforced...

Calorie labels on fast food menus will do nothing to improve diets, a new study shows.   Just eight per cent of people will make healthy choices as a result of the scheme, scientists claim. It will come as a devastating - yet unsurprising - blow to publi

Daily Mail, yesterday, 19:45

Is pain infectious? Apparently so! New experiments show sensitivity to pain can be spread socially -...

Pain could be contagious, a groundbreaking new study claims. Lab mice were put through a series of tests which should not have been painful - ticklish at the most. But the rodents reacted as if their feet were burning. The experiments by researchers in P

Daily Mail, yesterday, 19:45

Dieter whose 5 stone weight loss triggered gallstones says painful condition saved her life after surgery...

A woman says having gallstones saved her life after surgery to remove them exposed a deadly tumour Hannah Humphrey, 25, felt healthier than ever after she dropped from a size 18 to a size eight in just 18 months. But her sudden weight loss triggered the

Daily Mail, yesterday, 19:45

Is YOUR vagina healthy? Expert reveals what's normal and the signs you could have a problem...

V-juice, vovey-goo, vu-dew… there are many ways to describe the natural fluid that comes out of the vagina.  It varies in consistency, texture, smell, taste and volume in the same woman from day to day, week to week, month to month and beyond. During pub

Daily Mail, yesterday, 18:59

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