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Tackling mental health stigma will require more than just goodwill

Tackling mental health stigma will require more than just goodwill

The prime minister, Theresa May, has pledged to tackle mental health stigma as part of her vision for her “shared society”. May announced plans to transform the way mental illness is dealt with not in our hospitals but in classrooms, at work and in our c

Guardian, 37 min. ago

Why breast cancer drugs fail for one in four: Scientists discover that tumours can create their own supply...

Scientists have made a breakthrough by discovering how the breast cancer tumours of a quarter of patients resist chemotherapy treatment. Drugs used to ‘starve’ tumours of the hormone that helps them grow often fail because the cancerous growths create th

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

Why stress can make you younger and the simple exercises that will turn back the clock: How to slow down...

Stress, we’re told, is toxic. We’re warned it damages our health, thwarts our happiness and ages us before our time. We should, say some lifestyle gurus, do our best to avoid any kind of stress at all. The truth? Some stress can actually be good for your

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

One in eight unaware they have high blood pressure: Around 5.5m people don't know they have 'silent killer'...

One in eight adults in England is living with undiagnosed high blood pressure which puts them at risk of a heart attack or stroke, experts warned last night. Some 5.5million people are living in ignorance of the fact they have high blood pressure - known

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

Could cartilage from the NOSE help ease your knee pain? Mechanic with a worn-down knee became one of the...

Pioneering research using cartilage from a patient's nose to repair damaged knees is showing promising results.  Nicola Mueller, 39, a mechanic from Basel, Switzerland, was one of the first people in the world to undergo the procedure, as he tells RACHEL

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

Can sucking on mints REALLY prevent tooth decay? Experts reveal the secret to maintaining white and healthy...

We all know the secret to healthy teeth lies in brushing twice a day and minimising sugary snacks. But it seems we may have another option: sucking mints. Dr Heff's Remarkable Mints were developed by two British dentists who claim they can freshen breath

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

What links Brussels sprouts and sinusitis? The amazing breakthrough in 'taste science' that could stop YOU...

Without a sense of taste the world would be much duller, but scientists believe taste buds also have an important role in defending us against diseases. And it's not simply that taste buds stop us eating food that might harm us, such as something that's

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago

Chilling menace of HACKERS holding the NHS to ransom: From cancelling operations to hijacking pacemakers,...

Having your operation cancelled because of a bed shortage or an infection on the ward is something patients dread but, these days, have learned to expect. However, patients in three North Lincolnshire hospitals were recently offered a very different excu

Daily Mail, 55 min. ago
Newcastle researchers welcome CML leukaemia trial success

Newcastle researchers welcome CML leukaemia trial success

New research could see patients with a rare blood cancer live longer without the side-effects of drugs, doctors say. Chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) patients are often required to take tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) indefinitely. But 93% of those in a

BBC, today, 07:58

Your essential Good Health SURVIVAL GUIDE: Can roast potatoes and burnt toast really give you cancer?...

Millions will have been choking on their breakfasts with the news yesterday that well-done roast potatoes and burnt toast could raise the risk of cancer. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has advised people to cut down on these kinds of over-cooked starchy

Daily Mail, today, 07:39

Self-fuelling tumours resist cancer drugs

Breast cancer tumours can overcome attempts to shut off their oestrogen fuel supply by making the hormone themselves, scientists have learned. The discovery helps explain why some women with the disease cease responding to drugs called aromatase inhibito

Scotsman, today, 00:52

'We waste so much time feeling anxious rather than just being in the moment': Singer and TV presenter...

CAN YOU RUN UP THE STAIRS? Yes, although I don't really have a fitness regime — I just try to work out as much as I can, be it in the gym or walking my two cocker spaniels, Rosie and Prince.  My personal trainer, Janet, is a machine. She never seems to g

Daily Mail, today, 00:13

Women lose their mental sharpness in their 50s: Scientists claim the female mind faces struggles with...

Women's brains start going downhill in their 50s – a decade earlier than previously believed, scientists have warned. On average the female mind loses up to 5 per cent of its sharpness between 50 and 60, researchers found. But they said the drop-off did

Daily Mail, yesterday, 22:48

Revealed, 8 ways SPACEMEN are saving our lives: From breast scans to Gordon Ramsay's anti-gravity trousers...

Gordon Ramsay isn't someone you usually associate with the space age. But there he was last week, pictured working out on a NASA-inspired £30,000 treadmill. The chef was using the machine to help with a football injury — the treadmill pumps air into a se

Daily Mail, yesterday, 22:48

Can a coin in the wrist help cut your high blood pressure? Small disc emitting pulses of electricity can...

Discs the size of 10p coins are being implanted into patients' wrists to control high blood pressure. The discs emit pulses of electricity to stimulate nerves in the arm — these then transmit signals to the blood pressure control centres in the brain. In

Daily Mail, yesterday, 22:48

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