Graeme’s rooting for winter’s vegetable bounty

Graeme’s rooting for winter’s vegetable bounty

Graeme Pallister of 63 Tay Street in Perth gives root veg their moment in the sun.
It may take some stick for being the dullest of seasons when it comes to vegetables, but winter’s harvest is only as limited as your imagination. Vegetables such as carrots, neeps and beets are made all the sweeter for our cold, Scottish frost and after the autumn’s bounty of ‘above ground’ crops it’s time to dig deep and unearth our root veg.
This is when we connect again with the land, getting our hands into the soil and pulling out the gifts hidden away under the surface.
As a chef I feel I owe it to... read more

20 January 2018 in Lifestyle, Views: 45
Source: The Courier

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