Goop defector: One of Gwyneth's doctors insists she is not wedded to the site - and believes much of its content 'is not evidence-based'

One of Gwyneth Palrow's Goop doctors has come out to say she doesn't endorse the brand.
Dr Aviva Romm was one of the two physicians quoted in Goop's recent letter - Uncensored: A Word From Our Doctors - defending the site against its detractors. 
However, just two weeks later, she has revealed that she doesn't consider herself a Goop doctor.
She still hasn't read most of the content on the site, she told Stat, which promotes things like vaginal jade eggs and goat milk cleanses. 
Dr Romm also said she doesn't endorse all of the site's advice and is critical of anyone who automatically trusts... read more

27 July 2017 in Health, Views: 39
Source: Daily Mail

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