Ghost ships of the Arctic: Starvation, murder, cannibalism... and how the discovery of two British wrecks may solve one of the great mysteries of the sea 

As a ‘whodunit’, it remains one of the greatest of all time, a British seafaring mystery with such enduring fascination that even after 170 years of rumour, allegation and speculation, it still fires imaginations.
What really did happen to Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin and the 129 sailors on the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror who set off to explore the Arctic in 1845 but who never returned home from that frozen wasteland?e
Precisely how, where and why they died has only ever been guessed at.
Over the years it has variously become a legendary tale of men fighting against starvation, sickness and... read more

27 July 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 58
Source: Daily Mail

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