From post-baby sex to douching, a Harley Street gynaecologist reveals the answers to 10 of the most INTIMATE questions that women ask her

Ever wondered if your discharge is ‘normal’ or what you can do about down under dryness?
Tania Adib, a Harley Street gynaecologist is asked a number of vagina-related questions every day. As a consultant at London’s integrated women’s wellness clinic and Queen’s Hospital, she’s seen and heard it all and isn’t the least bit shy about sharing her wealth of knowledge. 
From post-baby sex to vaginal douching, in the piece for Get The Gloss, a gynaecologist answers the ten questions she’s most commonly asked in clinic. 
A must read for anyone with a vagina.
I am having a great deal of discharge.... read more

20 November 2017 in Health, Views: 40
Source: Daily Mail

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