Firing on all cylinders: This is Bentley's hunting-ready Bentayga SUV (but the shotguns aren't included and cost more than the £170,000 car)

Get pulled over by the police in Bentley's latest SUV and they might ask to see your licence... but not your driving licence.
That's because this special edition Bentayga 4x4 packs a pair of shotguns in the boot along with rounds of ammunition, a hunting knife, binoculars and a set of champagne flutes.
It's part of a storage unit for shooting fanatics that can be added to Bentley's luxurious £160,000 off-roader - but if you want the two shotguns to match be ready to hand over more than twice the price of the car itself.
The Bentayga Field Sports option is a one-off creation by Bentley's... read more

27 November 2017 in Business, Views: 46
Source: Daily Mail

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