Fancy a cuppa? British man spends 11 HOURS trying to make a cup of tea using a Wi-Fi kettle

The Brits' love of a good cup of tea is well documented, but one English man put in a Herculean effort for the perfect cuppa yesterday.
Mark Rittman, a data specialist based in Brighton, spent an infuriating eleven hours trying to make a cup of tea using a web-connected kettle.
The analytics expert documented his excruciating struggle for a hot beverage in a series of tweets. 
Scroll down for video 
Mr Rittman had been trying to make a morning brew at around 9am when the Wi-Fi kettle he was using ran into technical difficulties. 
He tweeted to say that he was 'debugging the kettle' and... read more

12 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 29
Source: Daily Mail

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