Ex-TOWIE star Abigail Clarke has finally found relief from her crippling IBS after enduring years of agonising symptoms and cruel social media taunts over her bloated figure

Ex-TOWIE star Abigail Clarke, 25, has cured her crippling irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with probiotics.
Abigail has suffered with a painful and sensitive gut for as long as she can remember, but was only diagnosed with the condition a few years ago.
Aside from affecting her work and social life, Abigail was trolled on twitter over her bloated figure.
She told MailOnline: 'People would write on twitter that I’d gained weight but they didn’t realise I was just bloated
'The comments made me feel horrible. I didn’t want to go out, I felt fat and disgusting and different to everyone else.'... read more

21 April 2017 in Health, Views: 43
Source: Daily Mail

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