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Charge could save 300m coffee cups from landfill

Coffee shops should charge customers for disposable cups in a move which could save 300 million cups a year being thrown away, new research has claimed. Scientists from Cardiff University said that a charge on disposable cups increased the use of re-usab

Scotsman, today, 17:06

5 of the best beach walks in the Highlands

SCOTLAND is blessed with some of the best coastlines in the world. It is amazing how many wonderful beaches there are around the country, and especially in the Highlands. ACHMELVICH A very remote beach, near Lochinver, but really worth visiting. Sitting

Scotsman, today, 14:38
Saving the Venezuelan Amazon: mega-nature reserve? Or mega-mining frontier?

Saving the Venezuelan Amazon: mega-nature reserve? Or mega-mining frontier?

On 24th February 2016, with no debate within Parliament or civil society, the Venezuelan government decreed that the upper reaches of the Amazon Rainforest, amounting to 12% of the country's landmass, were to become a Special Economic Zone devoted to min

The Ecologist, today, 13:26

Lasers to track vehicles’ emissions in pollution test

Drivers of polluting vehicles will have their emissions tracked next week in the first use of laser-based roadside technology in Scotland, The Scotsman has learned. A busy junction in North Lanarkshire will be used to test the device, which analyses exha

Scotsman, today, 08:17

Sinclairs back on the road on new eTrike

The nephew of Sir Clive Sinclair, famous for inventing the C5 in the 1980s, has created a state-of-the-art electric trike that could revolutionise commuting and urban courier deliveries. Grant Sinclair’s three-wheel Iris eTrike has an eco-friendly electr

Scotsman, today, 06:45

Mild winter attracts influx of visiting birds to Scottish gardens

The number of waxwings wintering in Scotland has soared this year, according to results from the country’s largest annual birdwatching survey. Sightings of the eye-catching birds rose more than 20-fold during this year’s count, which took place in Januar

Scotsman, today, 06:45

One week old squirrel rescued from felled tree in Insch

THE Scottish SPCA is currently caring for a baby squirrel after a nest was discovered in a felled tree. cotland’s animal welfare charity was alerted to the discovery of the squirrel nest on 13 March in Insch, Aberdeenshire. Billy, the red squirrel, is no

Scotsman, yesterday, 13:35

Final chance for Scotland’s wonderful woods and fine forests

WOODLANDS and forests across Scotland are being urged to enter a national awards programme which closes to entries on Friday. Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards 2017 will recognise and celebrate the very best forests and woods across the country – from large

Scotsman, yesterday, 11:04

Heather Reid shares optimism over future of science education

‘Heather the Weather’ spent 15 years greeting the nation with her trademark “Hello there” as Reporting Scotland’s effervescent meteorologist. Between May 1994 and December 2009, Heather Reid was the BBC’s senior weather forecaster and an alumna of cultur

Scotsman, yesterday, 09:39
Announcing the 2017 winners of The Leontief Prize for Economics

Announcing the 2017 winners of The Leontief Prize for Economics

Winning a Nobel Prize is like having your star added to the walk of fame. Nothing beats a Nobel for name recognition. But the Nobel prize for economics should be different. It was added to the list of awards long after the death of Alfred Nobel....

The Ecologist, yesterday, 06:50

Borders community wind farm to bankroll 500 new homes

A new community wind farm in the Borders will be the first in the UK to fund homes for social rental. Named Fishermen Three, the 7.5-megawatt scheme is a joint venture between Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA) and renewables support charity Communit

Scotsman, Tuesday, 21:13

Total ban on fox hunting ‘would not ensure adherence to law’

A blanket ban on fox hunting would not solve the problem of ensuring hunts adhere to the law, MSPs have heard. Lord Bonomy carried out a review of fox hunting laws in Scotland last year and recommended independent monitors to police hunts. His report sai

Scotsman, Tuesday, 20:30
The oilpalm connection: is the Sumatran elephant the price of our cheap meat?

The oilpalm connection: is the Sumatran elephant the price of our cheap meat?

In northern Sumatra, pressure is growing on what's left of the rich jungle heritage, and the conflict between elephants and people is escalating. This is the last place on Earth where it is possible to see Sumatran elephants, tigers, rhinoceros and orang

The Ecologist, Tuesday, 16:43

Ilona Amos: Toads cross the road to get to the other side, but they need our help

The grass has started growing, buds are appearing on trees and daffodils and crocuses are bursting forth all around. With the recent sunny weather, the place seem properly spring-like all of a sudden. It’s the time of new life. And the time when many you

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:26

Seven contenders for revamp of Edinburgh's Ross Bandstand

The firm leading the restoration of Glasgow School of Art’s iconic Mackintosh Building is in the running to create a new outdoor concert arena for Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. The firm leading the restoration of Glasgow School of Art’s iconic Mack

Scotsman, Tuesday, 00:56

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