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Protesters call on Britain to ‘have a heart’

Greens demand safe passage of Calais minors by Steve Sweeney MODEL and actress Lily Cole joined hundreds in a demonstration yesterday calling for the government to take action to ensure the safe passage of unaccompanied children from Calais. Protesters w

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PM’s ‘cunning plan’ laughed at

Corbyn berates bumbling May’s Brexit negotiations JEREMY CORBYN took a swipe at the PM yesterday for her inaction over Brexit by saying that her so-called plan is akin to those Blackadder’s loyal dogsbody Baldrick would have devised. The Labour leader mo

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Rail workers to strike over ‘horrendous’ safety threats

TUBE and Southern Rail workers will ballot on strike action over “horrendous” threats to safety and security, unions revealed yesterday. The Tube ballot by members of rail union RMT follows a terror alert at North Greenwich station last Friday when an un

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Venezuela: Right accelerates plan to oust Maduro

President flies in to meet defence chiefs as protests erupt VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro was set to meet defence chiefs yesterday as the opposition accelerated its regime change plan. Mr Maduro called a meeting of the National Defence Council (Cod

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Washington abstains from annual UN vote blasting its blockade

THE US sensationally abstained in the United Nations’ annual vote condemning its own blockade of Cuba yesterday for the first time in 24 years. Washington’s UN ambassador Samantha Power (pictured) admitted the US policy had failed and had in fact “underm

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Syria: Erdogan ‘to drive YPG from Manbij’

TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to drive the Kurdish YPG militia from the Syrian town of Manbij yesterday. He also mooted a new offensive on the YPG-held Afrin Canton to the west of the town in northern Aleppo province. Turkish troops and pr

Morning Star, today, 00:06

Flood fund ‘only for wealthy parts’

Manual reveals unfair bias towards London and the south-east HUNDREDS of millions of taxpayers’ cash allocated for improving flood defences is biased towards wealthier areas such as London and parts of south-east England, research revealed yesterday. The

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Left lays out plans to tackle austerity

Activists put heads together to provide alternative to Tory cuts THE Labour Assembly Against Austerity summoned hundreds of activists to a crucial summit at the weekend to set coming priorities for the left. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Winn

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Two more make a play for Ukip leadership

TWO more Ukip politicians threw their hats in the ring to take the reins of their crisis-hit party. Suzanne Evans and Paul Nuttall announced they would stand before kicking off the latest round of right-wing bickering. Ms Evans launched a scathing attack

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Venezuela right in new coup plot

Maduro’s government exposes plans to force through regime change VENEZUELA’S socialist government exposed at the weekend the right-wing opposition’s plans for a coup, set to begin on Wednesday. United Socialist Party (PSUV) parliamentary group vice-presi

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Syria: Troops head off new al-Qaida offensive

Government forces keep up fight for Aleppo SYRIAN forces moved to head off a new al-Qaida offensive against Aleppo yesterday, capturing ground and bombing militants. Troops and Lebanese Hezbollah guerillas liberated the Air Defence Battalion base south-w

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Iraq: Army advances on Isis stronghold and Turkish base

IRAQI forces advanced closer to the Islamic State (Isis) stronghold city of Mosul yesterday — and to a base held by Turkish troops against Baghdad’s will. The peshmerga forces of the Turkey-friendly Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) said they had “cordon

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Labour right still in denial

JOHN McDONNELL and Diane Abbott were among the shadow ministers at Saturday’s Labour Assembly Against Austerity conference to debate the way forward in the fightback against the Tory government. That ought to have made them prime candidates for interview

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Memories of the Hungarian uprising, 60 years on

CHRIS and BETTY BIRCH were in Budapest when crowds took to the streets against the government. Here they recall the political context that led to the dramatic events of 1956 SIXTY years ago a popular uprising in Hungary led to fighting on the streets, ma

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

Twin-track approach to justice for the purged

CHARLEY ALLAN describes how Labour members caught up in the Corbynista cull are fighting back against the party machine GREAT news — the purge is over! At least, that’s the mood music coming from Labour, but the reality is a bit more complicated than tha

Morning Star, Monday, 00:24

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