Do you know your strumpets from your ninnycocks?

Do you know your strumpets from your ninnycocks?

Modern day swearing has a well defined lexicon, ranging from the ‘bloody’ to the ***** (for a full list, we helpfully made one earlier.)
But the English language has a rich and varied tradition of swearing which dates back to the early Medieval times, when English as we know it today was first spoken.
Some of those historic insults have stood the test of time (fuck, shit, turd and bollocks have a pedigree dating back to the Dark Ages).
And they can be the perfect mix of descriptive and offensive, so why have lines like ‘bald-arsed gouty-legged polecat’ fallen out of use?
Bring them back, we... read more

3 October 2016 in Hot News, Views: 47
Source: Metro

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