'Do we REALLY have to pay £2,000 for a Lyme disease test?' A reader is worried his daughter may need an expensive treatment in Germany after falling ill from a tick bite

My daughter, 45, is very ill with what could be Lyme disease. She’s been told it can be diagnosed only in Germany.
Could she travel there under the NHS, or will we have to pay £2,000?
She remembers being bitten by a tick in 2005. 
She has been taking antibiotics, bought on the internet, and has been referred to a chronic fatigue clinic. Can you advise?
Howard England, Basildon, Essex.
How worrying for you. Lyme disease is a complex subject and there is a wealth of misinformation about it.
Lyme disease is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which can be transmitted to... read more

14 November 2016 in Health, Views: 48
Source: Daily Mail

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