Darts legend Eric Bristow passed away among his own people... fans of the sport he brought to life after it saved the Crafty Cockney from crime

By the end, Eric Bristow had settled on cats for company. No fewer than 22 were passing through his household in a year — there were 11 at one time — because his wife worked for a charity that rehouses strays. 'You can trust an animal,' he said a few months back. 'An animal doesn't stab you in the back.'
The bitterness was borne of the way that sport and society had come to deem him a pariah for posting a series of tweets, at the height of the football sex abuse scandal, suggesting the victims were not 'proper men' because they did not 'sort out' their abusers later in life.
Bristow had... read more

6 April 2018 in Sport, Views: 74
Source: Daily Mail

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