Dad horrified to find swear word printed on daughter's KFC gravy tub

A dad was horrified after he found the word F**K printed on a tub of KFC gravy in a meal bought his four-year-old.
Graeme Harrison bought a popcorn chicken, children’s box meal, from KFC in Litherland, on the way home from a Paw Patrol concert with his young daughter.
However, when he got the meal home and looked at its contents, he was shocked to see the swear word F**K printed on a sell by date sticker, on the lid of the gravy tub.
Graeme, 36, said: “I couldn’t believe it.
“I just thought ‘you have got to be kidding me’.
“It is outrageous.
“It was a blatant swear word on a children’s box... read more

10 October 2017 in Regional North West , Views: 77

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