Could parachutes soon be made out of spider webs? Arachnids fed graphene spin webs 5X stronger that can carry a human and are as durable as bulletproof Kevlar

Parachutes could be made out of super-strong and genetically-enhanced spider webs in the near future, research has shown.   
Scientists have confirmed feeding a graphene solution to spiders allows them to spin webbing strong enough to carry a weight of a person, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. 
Graphene is an incredibly strong material made of carbon atoms joined in a hexagonal lattice. 
A team of scientists at the University of Trento in Italy conducted a study in which they added graphene and carbon nanotubes to water and fed it to a group of spiders.
They found that the materials... read more

4 September 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 50
Source: Daily Mail

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