Chilling last words of UFO expert before he was found dead on sofa with claims that 'Satanists wanted to rid him of demons'

These are the chilling last words of UFO expert Max Spiers who was 'sacrificed by satanists who wanted to rid him of demons'.
Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows Max's last interview, in which his devastated mum Vanessa says he seems "drugged".
He is heard slurring as he eerily chats to fellow conspiracy theorists in his last-ever interview before being found lifeless on a sofa in Poland.
The British dad-of-two, who went to school with film star Orlando Bloom, was said to have been vomiting "black liquid" before he died – just days before he was due to give a talk on... read more

18 October 2016 in World News, Views: 38
Source: Daily Record

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