Carers' A&E visits can be preventable, says report

Carers' A&E visits can be preventable, says report

One in 10 unpaid carers who called 999 or took their loved one to A&E did so because they did not know where else to go, a report by Carers UK suggests.
Their snapshot online survey also found that one in five used A&E because they could not get hold of a GP or district nurse.
The charity said a lack of local care and support services was contributing to a rise in A&E visits.
There are about 6.5m unpaid carers in the UK looking after a family member.
The Carers UK report, Pressure Points: carers and the NHS, is published as the NHS prepares for a rise in hospital admissions and... read more

30 September 2016 in Health, Views: 43
Source: BBC

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