Can I change the name of my property to make it sound classier – and would it add value?

On a recent trip to the British seaside, I saw many homes that had cute names, which painted a lovely picture of what the property was like inside.
Sandy Cottage, Lobster Cove and Tides Reach were among the many romantic property names I enjoyed spotting on my travels. It has inspired me to want to name my home as it sounds classier.
Instead of just being a number on a street, can I change it to a house name? 
So for example, could '24 London Road' become 'Turtle's Nest, London Road,' if I wanted? If so, how do I go about legally changing it? And could it add value?
Lee Boyce, consumer... read more

4 September 2017 in Business, Views: 63
Source: Daily Mail

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