BIG SHOT OF THE WEEK: No sweet farewells for the butcher of Bournville Irene Rosenfeld

Whatever the future holds for Irene Rosenfeld, it seems unlikely a second career in stand-up comedy awaits.
Tall, helmet-haired with a neat line in sharply-tailored power suits, America's snack-food queen is not one of life's sparklers. On the rare occasions those thin lips crack a smile, it's as though both sides of her mouth have been involuntarily winched upwards.
Rosenfeld departs this week as chief executive of Mondelez, spin-off of US food giant Kraft, makers of household brands such as Toblerone, Oreo and Ritz crackers.
This may rob us of another female business leader, but her exit... read more

24 November 2017 in Business, Views: 59
Source: Daily Mail

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