BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Actress steps out of her comfort zone to play desperate woman raising her son 

Naomie Harris was scared. She had accepted the role of Paula, a crack addict, in a film called Moonlight. But reading the script, she began to worry about her suitability for the part.
‘I’m teetotal! I don’t drink alcohol; I don’t smoke; I don’t even drink coffee!’ she exclaims.
‘I was like: “How am I going to find a crack addict within me?” ’
The idea alarmed her, but she was excited, too, because the role of this desperate woman, raising her son in a down-and-out district of Florida, was out of her comfort zone, and she knew it would challenge her.
She also liked the fact that the film,... read more

14 October 2016 in Showbiz, Views: 33
Source: Daily Mail

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