Bali's rivers of fear: Terrifying pictures show tourist island being flooded with volcanic sludge from exploding Mt Agung - as 60,000 tourists remain stranded with the airport closed

These terrifying photos show massive lava flows surging down the rivers surrounding Bali's erupting Mount Agung, as fears grow the volcano is set to blow. 
The mountain has been hurling clouds of volcanic ash 3km into the atmosphere since the weekend and red hot lava is welling up in the crater. 
Cold lava flows, also known as lahar, have already flooded the rivers and canals of nearby villages, with many locals ignoring warnings to steer clear.
'Watch out for lahar floods around Mt Agung,' agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho wrote on Twitter on Monday.
'Lahar floods have already occurred... read more

28 November 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 50
Source: Daily Mail

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