As my Yellow Belt Challenge looms at Tamworth's Mercia Judokwai club I won't turn yellow

D-DAY is imminent.
One week left before I take my Yellow Belt grading and the polishing up process begins.
Within minutes of entering the dojo I am whisked on to the mats to train and warm up with the seniors to get a stronger flavour of what I can expect at the club once I have completed my Yellow belt.
"I want to see morote seoi nage all the way down the room and then throw when you get to the end," explained sensei Nick Holmes of Tamworth's Mercia Judokwai.
I took grip of my partner. Right hand on his lapel, left hand on his right arm and I began to go through the motions of... read more

9 October 2016 in Regional West, Views: 34

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