As a new Caravaggio exhibition opens at London's National Gallery here's how you can follow in the artist's footsteps in Rome and Naples

Caravaggio’s Rome was rough around the edges. When the young artist lived there at the turn of the 17th century, it was fractious and full of painters.
Courtesans tempted on the streets, and men, Caravaggio included, carried weapons. 
Brawls were common, arrests even more so. Caravaggio was almost a regular in Rome’s prisons and eventually fled the city after killing a man.
Later in life, he was said to bear a closer resemblance to a swordsman than an artist. He had a fierce temper and an explosive brush. His art caused a sensation. It was dark, violent, realistic. Biblical tales were... read more

13 October 2016 in Travel, Views: 41
Source: Daily Mail

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