Anti-DIARRHEA drugs tied to soaring rate of deaths in the US and the UK, health officials warn

US regulators are trying to make anti-diarrhea pills harder to abuse amid a surge in reports of deaths and heart problems from the medication.   
Loperamide, sold as Imodium, slows down the movement of the gut to make stool less watery using an opioid, which induces a high akin to OxyContin.
Often distributed in large bottles, it has become commonly abused in both the United States and the UK.
Today, a 23-year-old British woman was pronounced dead after taking a 'high level'  of Imodium, a year after a 27-year-old father collapsed and died of the same cause. 
On Tuesday, the US Food and... read more

30 January 2018 in Health, Views: 38
Source: Daily Mail

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