A wing and an eclair: Big Brother star Lisa Appleton gets a face full of cream after a giant seagull dives into her box of Greggs cakes

She's best known for starring in the 2008 season of Big Brother -  but a seagull didn't care what reality show Lisa Appleton had once appeared on. 
Earlier in the week, the brunette beauty, 48, was  tucking into a box of Greggs cream cakes when the bird took a fancy to them and tried to stick its beak in. 
Before she knew it, the cakes were tossed in the air and smashed into Lisa's face, covering her face in cream in the vicious attack in Blackpool. 
Lisa appeared to take the comical situation in her stride as she burst out laughing, even if she did look a little bit fazed. 
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12 October 2016 in Showbiz, Views: 35
Source: Daily Mail

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