1980s children half as wealthy by their early 30s as 70s counterparts, says IFS

People born in the 1980s are only half as well off as those born in the 1970s were at the same age, a new survey reveals.
By their early 30s, people born in the decade dominated by Margaret Thatcher have an average net household wealth of £27,000 per adult, including housing, financial, and private pension assets.
This compared with the £53,000 enjoyed by those born in the 1970s at the same stage in life, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).
The survey found that the children of the early 1980s find it much harder to build up wealth in housing and pensions as they age, and... read more

30 September 2016 in Regional East, Views: 25
Source: Belper News

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