13 back to school trends 90s kids swore by

13 back to school trends 90s kids swore by

Going back to the school in the 90s wasn’t about having the latest iPhone, but all about having the sharpest zig-zag parting.
September always brings around the new school year, and 90s kids took their return back to school very seriously.
The weeks leading up would be spent in Woolies picking out new crisp shirts, or stocking up on a load of Crayola to ensure that your pencil case was the envy of the entire class.
And of course discovering your signature Charlie or Lynx scent.
1. Novelty pencil case If it wasn’t a Walkers crisp packet case, or a tube shaped fizzy drink type then you just... read more

4 September 2017 in Lifestyle, Views: 73
Source: Metro

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